We need , at worst, same sense of urgency for Ecological Crisis as other “hot issues”

On the previous post topic: The aforementioned trolls on the UMNS Facebook feed are always ready , with guns cocked, to leap in and denounce concerns about Climate in the Church. It seems that pushback from our conservative/fundamentalist fringe is more potent on the Climate issue than it is on many of the other “issues” like LGBT, Immigration, Trump, and so on.

It’s like the ecological crisis does not rise to the level of “important issue” to the extent of these other issues. While there continues to be an apparent dedication to continuing frequent and consistent coverage in spite of pushback on those issues (LGBT, Immigration, Trump, and so on) , it does not seem to be the case with Ecological Issues. It simply appears as if this issue is not as urgent to justify a determined counter-pushback like that which accompanies these other issues (on which UMNS is doing some fine and faithful coverage. I am not advocating in any way that this cease. We need it. But , we certainly need all that , if not MORE SO, re: our Climate Crisis.

As Bill McKibben wrote recently:
“that’s the problem with climate change. It won’t stand still. Health care is a grave problem in the U.S. right now too, one that Donald Trump seems set on making steadily worse. If his administration manages to defund Obamacare, millions of people will suffer. But if, in three years’ time, some new administration takes over with a different resolve, it won’t have become exponentially harder to deal with our health care issues. That suffering in the interim wouldn’t have changed the fundamental equation. But with global warming, the fundamental equation is precisely what’s shifting. ”

Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing

Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing

The technology exists to combat climate change – what will it take to get our leaders to act?

Source: www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/bill-mckibben-winning-slowly-is-the-same-as-losing-w512967



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