The politics of Ecological Concern

Church folks who consider deep concerns about Ecological disaster unfolding as “Political” have fallen into a trap. They have relegated what is a scientifically verified and widely agreed upon (worldwide, not just in our political environment) consensus, to the realm of partisanship. But the only way one can do that is to accept the arguments of those who say this exists only in the minds of political liberals or radicals, and this is not the case.

The charge of “political” or “partisan” is, itself, a partisan assumption. (The use of “political” in this context is equivalent to “partisan”,  because the Climate Crisis IS, in fact,  unavoidably political.  It requires an honest and earnest reckoning with the failure of our present politics, and the past that has built it).  It’s a part of the “required menu” of the Political Right to dismiss the science of Climate Change and all the related ecological upheavals as “propaganda”.

The Religious Right adopts this as theological truth, and adds “God will take care of it” to scold us “liberals” with “lack of faith”. This is the ultimate copout. God expects us to LIVE OUT our faith. God expects us to look at the world with eyes wide open, and with mind engaged with reality.


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