All of the comedic Facebook jokes happening, and as I watch the above, and laugh (cuz Colbert is funny)….I also cringe a little when I see how some of the “blame” for the sociopathic “enflaming” going on is a matter of “the world” expressing itself “writ large” by the microscope and archiving of this human garbage spewing. Do we take Continue Reading

Facebook failing content creators who assumed their content was easily retrievable

Facebook has really botched user friendliness, for anyone who wished to search for something in their own timeline. That’s pathetic. It’s bad enough that users don’t really have access to their own timeline data without having a PhD level technical degree in the Facebook graph (and even then, their idea of what data belongs to the user who is the Continue Reading

Keeping vigilant about online community possibilities and tools

I’ve often mused about where we might be in Electric Vehicles if we had started back when the Ecological Crisis was brought to the public attention in a big way. (There WAS an early EV that was produced and leased to people back in the early 90’s, but that effort was “mysteriously” (or, NOT so mysteriously) stopped and literally torn Continue Reading

All for neighbor?

So spot on as to the problem with “identity theology” , which doesn’t bother with the right question. It focuses instead on “correctness” as something one “owns” and others don’t. It’s failure to ask about how our neighbor is affected , and neglected, is what makes it a doorway to hate, which is born out of ignorance of the neighbor’s Continue Reading

Gnosticism of the churches masks our inability to respond with any prophetic strength

My college days and Facebook friend Toby Roberts made a comment that sent me into a reply that I want to share as a post: Toby: Does the virus not like weddings? Actually, it LOVES weddings. Me: And they are happening, weekend after weekend, all summer, right across the street from me and unavoidably reminding me of the utter senselessness of clinging Continue Reading