Lawless crooks; mob rule

Trump Administration again tries to “bully” and retaliate, sending Michael Cohen back to prison from home confinement after he hesitated in signing a condition to his home confinement that he NOT publish his book or speak up about what is in it, or speak negatively about Trump. Federal judge says , in no uncertain terms, SHOVE IT. You cannot do Continue Reading

Modern day Gnostics

The “Christian Right” are the modern day Gnostics. They seem to easily adapt their “spirituality” to an ethic and a concept of a Kingdom that is detached from the lives of people where they are, and cling instead to some romanticized, “knowledge/docgtrinal based” system of verbal confession. One must “pose things in the right wording’ in order to be among Continue Reading

“Beginning(s) of the End”

Looks like another wedding weekend is happening across the street. Clumps of people (6-7) coming and going, maskless, in and out of the building yesterday, for what would seem to fit the pattern of a rehearsal dinner. I’ll be looking later on to see if the same behavior persists (wedding attenders of the ceremony plus reception, mask-less, singing, celebrating). I Continue Reading