All for neighbor?

So spot on as to the problem with “identity theology” , which doesn’t bother with the right question. It focuses instead on “correctness” as something one “owns” and others don’t. It’s failure to ask about how our neighbor is affected , and neglected, is what makes it a doorway to hate, which is born out of ignorance of the neighbor’s Continue Reading

Gnosticism of the churches masks our inability to respond with any prophetic strength

My college days and Facebook friend Toby Roberts made a comment that sent me into a reply that I want to share as a post: Toby: Does the virus not like weddings? Actually, it LOVES weddings. Me: And they are happening, weekend after weekend, all summer, right across the street from me and unavoidably reminding me of the utter senselessness of clinging Continue Reading

The drive to restore “normal” is at a feverish “idolatrous” pitch

I posted yesterday about another wedding about to happen. Well, it did, and it was just like the others: 40-50 people, exhibiting ZERO caution about distancing, or masks, laughing and screaming, singing, indoors for hours, and topping it off with a bride-groom procession between lines of people on both sides, maskless, shoulder to shoulder, out the front door and into Continue Reading

Lawless crooks; mob rule

Trump Administration again tries to “bully” and retaliate, sending Michael Cohen back to prison from home confinement after he hesitated in signing a condition to his home confinement that he NOT publish his book or speak up about what is in it, or speak negatively about Trump. Federal judge says , in no uncertain terms, SHOVE IT. You cannot do Continue Reading