Fors Clavigera: Measuring GPMs: The God-O-Meter

JKA Smith defines GPMs (“God-per-minute”):  Ramping up references to God to make some piece of content “Christian” or redeemed.

References to God don’t thereby sanctify or redeem domestic policies that oppress the poor or foreign policy that breeds war. In fact, if Jewish prophets have anything to say about it, ramping up the GPMs only makes this worse (see Jeremiah 7). Better to be honest oppressors than pretending to cover your oppression with God-talk.

So much “Christian music” falls into this category (as Smith also says in this post). So much emphasis on the feeling of ecstasy and a devotion which is largely if not all emotional,  without impact upon ones way of living in the world,  aside from the time set aside to “recharge” until the next charge cycle. 


Fors Clavigera: Measuring GPMs: The God-O-Meter

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