Looking for what’s next, in a bit of a hurry

I have just under 3 and a half months left here at 1801. The building has sold, and I have to find a new place, either my permanent place (the goal since last year at this time) , or another temporary place on the way to finding that “new home”.

Covid has certainly been a gigantic monkey wrench in the works, as I was starting to make promising contacts back in late January and February and early March. The severe limits on “gatherings” reduced the opportunities for those meetings with people of significant “connection” to my finding the right combination of available land, code and zoning, and like-minded community where this vision of zero-carbon or “net zero” lifestyle could be lived out on a day to day basis.

I thought I ought to mention that here, just to open up whatever connections might occur amongst people I know online, to take up some of the slack lost in the continued restriction of face to face social “flow”. Add that to the often difficult adjustments to my life in the past year, which has frequently been, emotionally, a significant “ball and chain” I’ve been dragging around.

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