Pentecost and Presidential Forums?

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  I must say that I am more than a bit uncomfortable with Sojourner’s billing of their June event , Pentecost 2007,  with a “Presidential Forum on Faith, Values , & Poverty” featuring Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.  While interesting, just a bit too closely “overlayed” onto “Pentecost 2007”,  and all three are the Democratic frontrunners.  Was it ever envisioned to have any Republican candidates (or would any of them come?)   But I am more concerned with the extensive overlap of Pentecost and American political discourse.  It would seem that the rushing wind of the Holy Spirit blows amongst a different kind of gathering (which isn’t to say that many people associated with this are not a part of that gathering,  but I just don’t like this ad.)  Perhaps William Cavanaugh,  who just did a post on the God’s Politics blog, would have similar misgivings/difficulties with such an association with Pentecost and politics?

(I’m even uncomfortable with the lack of language we have for talking about this.  My last sentence in the preceding paragraph  “such an association with Pentecost and politics”  is even problematic.  There is,  in a real sense,  an “association”…..but the change comes in the form of a new politic,  not expressed or embodied in the usual ways)

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