Choice of “status quo” or insane denial and destruction

How did we get here? On the one hand, we have this:

“Mr Biden has rejected the Utopian ideas of the left.”

During an ongoing Ecological Crisis and a pandemic. I don’t find that encouraging at all. What kind of economic woes will we have if we continue to slow-walk/kick the can down the road?

Even so, we are faced with a choice between “status quo” and insane denial and destruction. We are faced with a demonic swamp of principalities and powers that leaves us with little choice if we want to avoid much worse, and sooner.

We are facing a Hitler-esque threat. No, they’re not gassing opponents, but they are using the “modern, civilized” version of vanquishing opponents: Economic oppression. Pharaoh didn’t mass murder Israelites, either. He just commanded they makes bricks without straw. He needed the “labor” to keep his decadent engines churning out his items of luxury. We have Pharaoh at the helm. What they didn’t have in Egypt, however, was an oncoming ecological disaster of the magnitude that we face, even were we to double or triple Biden’s “plan” for addressing this crisis. Biden is a rock to which we can leap to avoid the abyss, and still hope there is another rock to find after that , in hopes of finding a more stable place.

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