The drive to restore “normal” is at a feverish “idolatrous” pitch

I posted yesterday about another wedding about to happen. Well, it did, and it was just like the others: 40-50 people, exhibiting ZERO caution about distancing, or masks, laughing and screaming, singing, indoors for hours, and topping it off with a bride-groom procession between lines of people on both sides, maskless, shoulder to shoulder, out the front door and into the car to drive off.

The drive to “be normal” overcomes all attention to any actual physical caution and warnings. It’s what makes the denial of the Ecological Crisis all the more understandable, but a sad reality about us humans that makes it exceedingly hard not to go all-in with the “post-doomers” who have given up all pretenses of trying to whip humanity back into shape. I have already developed a respect for that view as perhaps a more realistic one. But I have hung on to the desire to continue exhorting my fellow humans to a better world of possibilities, but it is getting increasingly harder.

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