“Beginning(s) of the End”

Looks like another wedding weekend is happening across the street. Clumps of people (6-7) coming and going, maskless, in and out of the building yesterday, for what would seem to fit the pattern of a rehearsal dinner. I’ll be looking later on to see if the same behavior persists (wedding attenders of the ceremony plus reception, mask-less, singing, celebrating).

I am fully empathetic with the desire “to do the wedding up big”. I had a wedding once, and it was extremely magical and special. It SHOULD be. It is meant to be. But when times change , like now, and we are called to something of higher priority for the times, to weather a storm and team up with a collaborative, human-wide effort, special arrangements are required.

I have thought, each instance of these big celebrations, as the bride and groom drive away, that I truly wish them well, but also shudder to think what sort of “spreader event” they have just unleashed, and that what was meant as a “beginning of a new life” becomes the cause of something gone horribly awry, and becoming a cruel novel form of death and misery of untold proportions. That may seem macabre, but I fear the fulfillment of that nightmare, and our continued rush into “No, I want it now”.


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