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Four and a half months! That’s how long since I posted in WordPress on my blog! It’s been an ordeal that has torn me away, with the sale of the house, in the midst of and as a result of the divorce. I’ve been devastated, to say the least. I’m in Cincinnati, staying “at 1801” (which is 1801 Mills Ave.) while I try to find my way into the next phase (Tiny House Living, following my acquisition of the first “bucket list” item: My EV, the Chevy Volt (2018)) .

One of those items of business to which I can return, once I acquire the land where this Tiny Home will reside, is to set up, in the “Living Room” of that house, my office space (which will also serve as “Man Cave”, “Sports Bar”, Home Theater, Dining Room, Living Room, Place to entertain guests, and Media Studio for EcoEcclesia.

Much (most) of my “studio” and “library” is still in storage, along with my bed, my “entertainment center”, along with a lot of my archived footage and productions that I backed up from this computer on which I am now typing.

Only in the past week and a half, since I returned from Nashville/LaVergne with “batch one” of my moving items I have been missing from storage, have I started thinking/feeling that I want to get this quest into second gear and ramp up my efforts/inquiries into finding this “spot” from where I can “set up shop”.


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