Business as Usual is TERRIBLE business!

The cries of “alarmists” from deniers are going to be reaching new heights, as the realities close in around us, and people who are paying attention are sounding the alarms. What is the church to be saying in times like these? We have a colossal task for pastoral care to aid us in our ability to “cope” with the “Tough New Planet”. What is theology for “Eaarth”? (Bill McKibben’s 2009 book, subtitled “Making Life On a Tough New Planet”) And that was TEN YEARS ago folks! We’ve shoved it aside for ten years, after we had been doing so for TWENTY as McKibben wrote that. His first book (“The End of Nature”) came quickly on the heels of James Hansen’s testimony before Congress in 1988. We in the U.S. , the world’s “developed” nations, and the churches in it, have proceeded on with business as usual. And it continues to make catastrophe more likely, and less likely to avoid much of it.


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