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I sure want to spiff up my widget sidebar items,  and get rid of the ugly plain unordered list bullets before each sidebar section.  I am using wordpress widgets,  which I went and installed so I could use NetFlix widgets,  which is working, but ugly. If anybody can tell me where (in what file) I can edit the item in the widget list,  I’d be grateful.


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  1. Theoblogical Post author

    Thanks bro.

    I did get a bit of it fixed by digging through those you mentioned and other files. I wish they’d put those “beforeWidget and After Widget” values in the admin tool so that this couold be figured out a little easier (like they did with “before and after” within the items of the individual widgets like the Netflix widget. In my case, I needed to re-style some of the “between widgets” and between sidebar items of my sidebar.


  2. ericisrad


    I’d say check out the netflix widget(s) files you have installed here: \wp-content\plugins\widgets

    I had to edit some stuff myself, but I forgot what it was, haha.

    Also, be sure to check out the plugin settings in the WP admin: Plugins -> Netflix Widget.

    Not sure if that helps, but there ya go.



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