How Long?

It’s like a ritual.  On Saturday I often blog politics. Then on Sunday,  I ask “How long, O Lord?”  Oh for the day when I can find the embodied community where I can ask the latter question with others who are asking this but can’t seem to find a community who is asking this as a corporate expression of this (“corporate” as in the “body” expression ;  God’s people; how do we move and act and be “corporately”.  They’ve been using this word to describe the movement of the church through various structures in attempts to embody church.  They are very intentional about “corporately” seeking out structures through discernment and prayer.  So this is,  THEY are –the Church of the Saviour— why I have retained any sense of reverence or interest in the word “corporate” as an appropriate word to express anything church….it’s very much “the body” as opposed to “The Corporation” which , in many ways,  embodies a rival mode of being, weeded as it is to capitalism and those means of responding to desire)

It’s not that I expect all church services to focus on what I am feeling on any given Sunday.  But just for the sense that those of us who are gathered do so bringing before God our cries of “How long?”  That this conversation and this cry is unmistakably on our minds and in our conversations.  And then ,  as times bring it to the fore (so often , it seems these days),  to celebrate and proclaim and meditate and be consecrated in God’s peace, “corporately”


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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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