White House: We will send more troops in Iraq – CNN.com

 Cheney says we:

cannot run a war by committee

Basically.  the “checks and balances”  here be damned ….We  ….er….HE…is the decider. 

“They have absolutely nothing to offer in its place,” Cheney said of Democratic leaders. “I have yet to hear a coherent policy from the Democratic side.”

So this is reason enough to continue with the most glaringly incoherent policy?

Besides,  what policy that happens to contradict their policy is going to be credited with being “coherent”?

Then ,  the same old story this administration has been touting the whole way:

Cheney said the most dangerous blunder would be to give up on the global fight against terrorism because the United States has decided the war in Iraq is too difficult. That is just what America’s terrorist enemies are counting on, he said.

“They’re convinced that the United States will pack it in and go home if they just kill enough of us,” Cheney said. “They can’t beat us in a standup fight, but they think they can break our will.”

Actually,  Cheney represents an incarnation of “what the terrorists want”.  Violence begets violence.  “Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword” (hmmm…who said that?)  This administration has flaunted their machismo to an unprecedented extent,  and is thus especially dangerous in this “age of terror”,  which they themselves have built up through their wanton disregard for all things “non-Western”, “non-democratic”, and “non-capitalist, and their unprecedented dismantling of even the most secular vestiges of order.  It is certainly not the case that I see much cause for heightened hope of leadership on the horizon from the other party,  but we certainly need to purge the leadership of this nation from the cynical network of neocons and the avalanche of money-laundering for the rich that goes on in the name of “common-sense” policy (which is not “policy” at all,  but scheme to further entrench the richest. 

Add to all that the resistance and deception of this group regarding the threats to our environment and planet (ala their pseudo-science thinktanks flooding the popular press with “questions about environmental science when there IS NO QUESTION AMONG ACTUAL SCIENTISTS) ,  and we have a crisis of leadership.  Most egregious in all this is the silence of the church in America.  A scandalously few have noticed the affront; the CONTRAST to the peaceable community that we are called to embody. 

Source: White House: We will send more troops in Iraq – CNN.com

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