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I just realized that in using Windows Live Writer,  and clicking on my “BlogIt” button while viewing the page titled “Becoming the Authentic Church”,  LiveWriter creates a new post with the title “[Post Title] at Theoblogical”,  thus creating a post with the title of “Becoming the Authentic Church at Theoblogical”,  which communicates something I know to be utterly false and misleading.  I cannot,  no matter how much I “blog” about, however profound,  BE THE CHURCH in a blog,  or “count it as righteousness” or “faithfulness”.  We need,  I need,  a relationship with a church to do that.

(So now you may see how the above title of this post happened: in posting a blog post with LiveWriter on the previous post,  therefore tacking on another “at Theoblogical” to the end of the title).  Anyway,  back to my point:

The blog CAN be and has been for me,  a way to connect with others with whom I can communicate my dreams for the church and what that may or could look like for myself and my family at THIS time.  It may even be a means of connecting me to people with whom some specific incarnation of an embodied church might emerge or be revealed to me as a place of possibility;  as the chosen “Beloved Community” with whom I can belong.  It is even possible to use the blog (and the blogosphere) as a resource for that church, or as a channel of story witnessing to that church.  The church does need continued and ongoing story-telling.  There is an extreme shortage of story-writing about the life of the church.  There is plenty of theologizing about it,  but very few accounts of what life in a particular beloved community is like;  too few “church biographies” along the lines of the writings of Elizabeth O’Connor, telling the stories of a particular community (The Church of the Saviour in Washington DC),  and how the “structures” containing and resourcing and enabling that community are conceived and carried out. 

In such a “time between times” as I am in now,  where I am somewhere between “church as I grew up in” and “church as it may yet be” ,  blogging gives me an “outlet” for working toward the next step; to explore the options like where I might pitch my tent in the world “as is” ,  but with an eye and a vision for how the “what should be” might break in to the “what is”.  I am well aware that I have pushed away from the “church that is” (or as it presents itself to me) out of a lack of patience for “how things still are” and a lack of faith in God’s “breaking in” and pulling us out of this cultural prison and into participation with a Kingdom of Reconciliation. 

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