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I have been playing with Community Server (and before that, dotText) ever since 2003,  when I began a quest (which is still proceddding quite slowly) to learn dot Net (.Net).  We bought a license for it at work,  in anticipation of using it for several things.  Now it looks as though a group of developers that are related to our denomination are going to build a “MySpace” kind of thing for us. (Actually,  it deosn’t just “look that way”;  it’s a go.  They’re doing it)

But,  not to get off track,  I am still enjoying playing with Community Server,  and have it installed on the same host on which this blog runs  (and my previous Movable Type and Radio blogs).  I am seeking a way to import all my posts from WordPress here to start seeing what might persuade me to move yet again.  Ideally,  I’d like to simulataneously post to both,  perhaps even the MT blog as well.

Community Server has some intriguiing Blogroller,RSS Reader,  and tagging functionalities,  as well as some promise in the “WebParts” technologies,  and it is dotNet,  which keeps me interested in keeping up with dotNet and perhaps be the continuing persistent “impetus” toward my actually beginning to develop things in dotNet. I’ve been a classic ASP person for long enough that I see the need for some speed toward updating my arsenal—albeit the “old fart” stigma I seem to have assigned to myself seems to want to discourage me from this and tell me not to waste my time.  I don’t think my detractor self will win that argument.

I am also beginning to get impatient with the lack of “mobile” blogger tools,  as in PDA/SmartPhone/Blackberry type tools.  I have a Dell PDA and still don’t have a trustworthy way to blog from it,  or do RSS reading (my Bloglines,  being unconnected from my desktop,  is always far behind on showing me updated stuff….I have to “re-Mark as Read” a ton of stuff whenver I sign on via PDA).  I want to integrate my desktop life–which is still far beyond that of my PDA life,  but mostly because there is so much more “connectivity” and user-friendliness there.

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I am a Web developer with a background in theology, sociology and communications. I love to read, watch movies, sports, and am looking for authentic church.

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