Methodists United for Peace with Justice

The following, a quote from Hauerwas, lays it out….and it seems to be such an obvious and no-brainer first step, start from here, type of response to Jesus’ life and message that I can only shake my head as I see “theologians” such as Al Mohler just plain ignore the whole thing. NEVER mentions “peace” except as that “inner peace”, which simply allows nationalists to reconcile “a way” of Jesus with the ultimate allegiance required by the state.

Methodists United for Peace with Justice
Nonviolence names not just a response to the violence of the state, but rather a way of life of a community that lives through practices of reconciliation and forgiveness. So Matthew 18 becomes crucial for this account of nonviolence because Christians must be willing to expose and have exposed their sins to one another in a way that their community can live in peace.

The nonviolence that is Christologically displayed is also an ecclesiological position. Christians are called to a community of nonviolence in a world of war thereby creating the division between Church and world. Therefore, Christian nonviolence is not a strategy to end war, though of course it certainly wants to make war less likely. Rather Christians are called to nonviolence in a world of war because they can do nothing less as faithful followers of Christ. Christian nonviolence is an eschatological position that reminds Christians that we live in a new age begun by Christ yet not yet consummated. Accordingly, Christian nonviolence is the exemplification of God’s patience as found in the cross to redeem us so that we might be for the world his promised people.
—Stanley Hauerwas, “Christological Pacifism,” Methodists United for Peace with Justice (website:


my advocacy of women in the teaching office was wrong, violative of Scripture, inconsisent with my theological commitments, injurious to the church, unsubstantiated, and just intellectually embarrassing.

Not to mention that such “changes of mind” coincide exactly with the “requirements” of the “New Southern Baptists” of the “Paige Patterson/Judge Pressler/Baptist Faith and Message 2” era. These “requirements” include the charge to “toe the line” eactly as prescribed. That includes all the proper silences on the question of war, unless, of course, the speaking out sides WITH the idolatrous practices of the wholesale accomodation of the Religious Right to the political powers; a distinct and utter failure to “Name the Powers” as such, and worship instead a God who proclaims a power that is wholly at odds with the world’s power structures.


Thus, I consider this account to me a matter of my personal accountability to the Church and to the Christian world. It is no small thing for a teacher to teach anything that is in any way contrary to God’s Word.

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