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inconvTruthSm.jpgWe went to An Inconvenient Truth Thursday, and it was everything I had read…..provoking, thoughtful, researched, passionate (once again dispelling the nonsensical myth of the campaigns against Gore: that he’s a bore. He has what many other politicains DON’T have: actual content and articulate delivery. I almlost think that it’s the most inane politicians that the public gives a “thumbs up”; put too much actual worthy content in there, and people “glaze over”.

Gore appeared on The Daily Show week before last. Here

I want to get the book so that I will have the text from which to draw out some of the many widely applicable observations Gore makes in the film; many of them with implicaitons outside of the environmental slumber America has allowed to cloud our judgment. Actual scientists are in 100% agreement. It’s just the popular press where the “debate” is manufactured. The “contrar notions are completely without regard to the sceintific community’s consensus. Kyoto is ratified by EVERYBODY but us and Austrailia (I don’t know what thier problem is– I haven’t followed their reasoning at all)

But YES….MOST excellent. And yet another area where the church in America has been irresponsibly complicit and silent, and yes, the Religious Right is fueling the mass deception about what we’re doing to the environment; the VERY earth itself. Self-deception; denial that we have a resonsibility to CARE for the creation. As I read in James Carroll’s HOuse of War, the insane denial of the “nuclear hawks” who have advocated for years the Cheney doctrine (believe or not, he actually didn’t invent this madness) of strike now and get all the evidence later (or “hurry, quick, before the ‘evidence’ is exposed as BS”)

MOre on this later when I get a copy and am able to refresh some of the points from the film.

I also have Citizenship Papers : Essays by Wendell Berry, that seems like it would be appropriate for some short readings, and to draw some theological insights from the issues in this environmental crisis.


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