Overthrow : America\'s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to IraqOh, by the way, the book I mentioned toward the tail end of my last post on James Carroll’s House of War, entitled Overthrow, I also bought from Amazon when I bought the Carroll book.

Kinzer is another writer on historical conflicts who has noticed the tragic patterns of America not learning its lesson, and reaping the consequences of “an eye for an eye” and manipulating those who stand in the way of what the US leaders consider to be the right of America to expand “free enterprise”. Overthrow promises to be a “Zinn-ian-like” account of some of the last 100+ years of American Empire designs hoisted upon the likes of Hawaii, The Phillipines, Central America, and Iraq (among others)

I bought this in my Amazon order along with House of War with my birthday money (which I celebrated on May 22). These may well do it for my “political books” for the year, as I have many works of theology to tackle — the stack rises —- like Hauerwas’ Against The Nations, Chritian Existence Today, and With the Grain of the Universe, McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus, finish up Bethge’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography (on page 683 out of 941), Yoder’s The Christian Witness to the State and Preface to Theology (edited by Hauerwas), and Wendell Berry’s Citizenship Papers. Then there’s my TechStack 0606Tech-Stack (at left), which includes Beginning ASP.Net 2.0 with C# 2005 (aPress), a journey through Macromedia’s Dreamweaver 8: Training From the Source (mostly for the use of CSS in building designs so that I can be better equipped to help redesign some of our group’s archive pages in the redesign of our site, which is CSS driven), two Wrox books: Beginning CSS and Profesional Ajax, and an O’Reilly book, Amazon Hacks.

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