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Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography I just began reading some more in this huge volume (900 + pages of bio, and several more notes pages at the end for over 1000 pages)

It had gotten a little dense with all the descriptions of the various meetings and groups that Bonhoefer met with during the time after his return from America and before the world got involved to intervene against Germany. It also jumped around a bit so it was hard to get a sense of what was happening. But I’m at about page 680, and it sits on my bedside table, so I am further encouraged to get through it.  There’s also the promise of the upcoming arrest and Tegel Prsion days,  where we know that Dietrich wrote the things that got collected into Letters and Papers From Prison.
I had also a few other things to read , which caused me to set this one aside for several weeks, like In Good Company by Hauerwas , Does God Need the Church? by Lohfink, books by Bell and Cavanaugh, the Becoming the Authentic Church booklet, and Lost - The Complete First Seasonwatching a good bit of Lost on DVD and Itunes downloads, and caught up to the current episodes last week. Good show.

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