Clarence Jordan

Slactavist showed a link to The Koinonia Partners site, which has a 7 minute video on Clarence Jordan. I had written to show some mutuality concerning our veneration of Tony Campolo, who was/is also a favorite speaker/writer/person
I visited Koinonia in the summer of 1974 with a small group from my high school youth group (our Youth minister had told us a few of the stories, played a few of the tapes and records, and so had influenced some of us. I wandered around in the little shack where he went to study Florence was there and told us some other stories. Ladon Sheats was there. I was 18, and some of it was over my head, but I remember the stories Clarence told (on the audio tapes), and my Dad was also kind of taken with Clarence. My dad , now retired from BellSouth, is the director of the Williamson County chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
Clarence was a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a doctorate in New Testament Greek. I wrote a little piece about how he influenced me when I first started onto the web in 1994


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