Going to Where the People Are

The story of the Potter’s House holds the key to why the Web and Blogging are important.

Gordon was telling a vistor from Kansas about the roots of the Potter’s House, and how it was designed to take the conversations and the lives of the people of the Church to the people in the neighborhood and the city.

Yes, the Internet is full of what’s wrong in the world, because it is a part of it. Becuase it is a channel to carry communications, it is used to push products, serve the commercial interests, and manufacture false needs.

It is also a way to create a place to tell stories, and by virtue of it being online, searchable and indexable and “taggable”. It becomes a way to link together related stories, related resources, and compare notes on what we have received from those resorces.

Just as Elizabeth O’Connor’s books were a way of telling the story of the Church of the Saviour, it was also a part of that story that God used a bunch of ordinary people in the nations’ capital, but this is meant to say that God is at work and calling for participation all across the world. People who “came to see” or came in search of signs that such things were possible sometimes come to stay, but more often they are seeking new and faithful forms for God’s People to take to where they live. This would be my hope for a Web-based narrative and resource aggregation in the tradition of the Servant Leadership School; a Seminary for the Church.


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