From Becoming the Authentic Church

We continually will seek meaningful ways to bring together whatever has been broken apart and to learn how to love and be loved, even before we are lovable.

This goes for relationships across the board. Our separation from one another due to our being sucked into the hole that is the consumer lifestyle. It grieves me to see and to experience the separation that we have allowed to rule. We need to look and see the “cracks” in that “fake reality” and see ourselves and our fellow humans as gifts meant for each other. It is shameful the neglect that we have allowed to dominate our “church structures” that bear little difference from the ways of the world which , far from “fulfilling” us or making us “successful”, have driven a deep gulf between us. In Christ, this division is declared over and done, and we are called to experience and recive this gift.

We identify those cultural systems that obstruct the flow of love and strive to create new structures that enhance it. We practice charity as well as justice, reaching out to those who are down and lending the strength of our voices to those who cry out for change.

Sadly, the church has all too often participated in this obstruction, which blinds us to the dire need for reconciliation that only God through his people can conquer. This “Peace on Earth” is more than a sentiment, as Bonhoeffer said, but is a COMMAND.

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