Pro-Life REQUIRES us to be responding to the Ecological Crisis

A previous post on my Facebook Timeline about an hour or two ago with Joan Chittister addressing the issue of “Pro-Life”, is made even more poignant in that , over the past 4 years, I have become increasingly conscious of how our Ecological Crisis poses what is the greatest threat to life that we humans have yet concocted. To call one’s self “Pro-Life” now also calls for a new accounting for our Ecological exploits as a species, and especially, calls the church forth to a more full-throated advocacy and activity to stand against these exploits. It is a matter of such immediate concern now, after AT LEAST 30 years of utter neglect ***. Pro-Life MUST now say the words: To neglect the systems on which ALL of life depend, is the ultimate sin of omission, and the ultimate oppression of life. It MUST become a significantly articulated message of the church that this MUST STOP, and that God calls us to a new Reformation. An Eco-Reformation.

***from that time since we have been hearing, in a very public way — with James Hansen’s testimony before Congress in June 1988— the dangers of this Ecological mess we’ve brought about. It had been decades before that, but the people to whom this was brought were not up to the task of responding appropriately, nor with the proper urgency. Now, we all know (or should know).

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