Immanent move from 1801

My good friend Larry Bourgeois created a Facebook “ask for recommendations” page a couple days ago, and I posted this under it a few minutes ago:

Thank you Larry, for this initiative in “sounding the call” to fill this “niche” in my ongoing journey’s transitional time. I will make one small correction/clarification: it wouldn’t need to be more than 1 bedroom.

Having my sights set on something around 500 square feet to accommodate my “bucket-list” goal of being super-to-zero carbon footprint for the home (including some 400 square foot “Tiny Homes” I’ve seen —(but at present being scarcely anywhere around these parts where such a home could be “parked” and “set” for the long haul), …..I am pretty sure I can get by with even a sleeper couch in a single barebones bedroom, since I need nothing more than my work area (large desk and video “studio” hardware), with kitchen and bathroom with shower and flushing toilet (not at the composting toilet stage yet….???? )Here’s the original link , with already many suggestions/replies. Thanks all! Keep em’ coming!

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