My destination

Addendum to my previous post about my seeking a “next interim step”:

a place to hang my hat and/or “lay my head” as I continue the much elongated interim journey to my “low-to-no-carbon-footprint” lifestyle. the 15 months (the last of which is this one, March 2021) .

I have been an “1801 resident” have been a much needed “cushion” for a still difficult transition from a 36 and a half year marriage to “other”. Now I’m presented with a 30-day window to move my stuff, and I’m wondering what’s best.

At the start of my move to Cincinnati, I was not planning on over a year to pass before I was to find my “paydirt” of eco-living where I could “set up shop” and do my video stories on why I want to live so much closer to zero carbon footprint in my housing (and car, which I’ve acquired, which is the 2018 Volt, for now).

I want to find a “neighborhood” (even a very small one) where others are living in “extremely tiny footprint” houses. It’s obvious at this point that this will not drop into my lap in the next 30 days, and I’ll need a place from which I continue my search for the site and the house.

I have so much to begin narrating and sharing about my experience, most of which I want to be the ACTUAL process of moving into such a context.

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