Ignoring the sins of oppressing the poor and the earth itself

In yet another long discussion in a group frequented by scores of vert conservative United Methodists, I spoke my mind.

The numbers of people affected adversely by the consequences of the present administration and Congress FAR outstrip the harm done by the GLBTQ community (which , basically amounts to ZERO, even IF the sexual act itself is deemed improper —which I do not). The tilting of the entire economy toward the sole benefit to the rich is basically a modern feudalism, where political power is bought, and encouraged to do so. Collective ideology, now dominated by and promoted by the rich, is moving in the opposite direction from a gospel that CLEARLY and CONTINUOUSLY focuses on concern for the poor, and emphasizes that “other morality” is bankrupt if the orientation toward the poor is absent (again, see Matthew 25). How does such a parable receive so scant attention in the “Biblical” values supposedly being promoted when we focus on the “sins” of being gay, and almost completely ignore the sins of oppressing the poor and the earth itself? Abusing the earth even increases our abuse of the poor, as many of them depend so much more heavily on their local climate and ecology for their very lives and livelihoods?


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