The “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left

There is certainly a big difference between the outright Climate Change denial of the Right, and the “Climate CRISIS denial” of the Left. The former is simply capitulation to the economic status quo (which gets taught to them by “social osmosis” via their “auto-import” of GOP politics, which is motivated by the GOP’s dependence on Fossil fuel money. The Christian Continue Reading

Identifying as “Ecological Churches”

If churches can identify themselves as “Bible-believing” Churches ,or “Active in the Community”, “Reconciling (referring to their acceptance of GLBTQ members) , or “Justice” Churches, or constantly reveal their falling in line with the Christian Right by emphasizing, on a constant basis, thier “opposition” to the various lists of things on the Christian Right “Disapproval” items such as Gun Control, Continue Reading

Do ‘More Serious’ Numbers translate to more Climate Activist mentality?

Someone commented on the “How To Let Go” Movie Facebook page that they thought Josh was way too conservative on his science.  That it’s even worse than he was indicating.  And I thought,  “Wow.  I sure didn’t get that impression”    Then I thought,  “Wait,  Are the various levels of intense numbers the thing that “increase our awareness”?  Is it Continue Reading

No hyperbole. Really.

To the many “Facebook friends” and Theoblogical/EcoEcclesia  Blog readers who see my frequent and often postings on our Ecological Crisis, and my insistence that we are in dire need of a Reformation that is as significant (even MORE, actually) and far-reaching and culture-shaping as that of the Protestant Reformation, and you want to tell me I’m being a bit over-dramatic Continue Reading