Mentioning Climate and then moving on; the usual habit

“NBC could have asked Democratic candidates 1,000 smarter questions on climate change than this.” And yet, as I look at the article expecting some examples of the 1000, scarcely little more time was spent in the article on this quesiton than NBC gave it.* (See update on this below)  I think we have a real problem talking about this, Continue Reading

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The “threat” of King’s “inescapable network of mutuality”

Today is the day that the National Observance on Monday will commemorate, the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.   And to mark the deep impact this man has had on my journey,  I focus on this particular quote to highlight yet another theological insight which has changed my course since the fall of 2014. “In a real sense all Continue Reading

MLK sensed what Climate Science knew and later confirmed

MLK always knew “Life is Interrelated”. In his Letter from the Birmingham jail,  he wrote “We are all in an inescapable network of mutuality”.  Had the verdict on Climate been in during his time, he would have been including and integrating that into his insights. This is perhaps an insight whose time has come for the church to stand up Continue Reading

The Gnostic American Church and Climate Crisis Denial

More on one of those “Three common arguments” from Climate-Crisis-Denial Land,  the one that objects by saying “Oh,  that’s being political”,  as if that is grounds for an automatic bypass of the argument. It’s a dog-whistle,  with the “preaching to the choir” meaning being that this is a “liberal thing” and a part of the “plot to destroy America by Continue Reading

Baptism and EcoAwareness

It seems to me that we’ve made baptism into a very “Gnostic” experience. Given the LACK of concern, consciousness about what is happening to the “ELEMENTS: of the earth, in which baptism SHOULD be a direct, experiential witness and reminder, the sacrament has become just another way for us to “spiritualize” and just conveniently “forget” and “ignore” how our collective Continue Reading