The denial of Denial in the Church

One could say that it has been 25 years since the world has really begun to hear the most pressing concerns of the Climate Science community. Since then, we really don’t have any excuses for how long we’ve allowed things to simply continue (to continue systematically poisoning the ecosystem in unprecedented ways; “unprecedented” in the history of the planet. Continue Reading

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UCC – Mention on 2nd level under “Advocate for Justice”

There’s a menu dropdown titled “Advocate for Justice” which includes “Understand the issues”,  so selecting this from the dropdown yields a page that includes “Environment” with two links, compared to 8-12 listings under other areas like “Economic Justice”.  All of this sure shouts to me that some serious updating of their categories and thinking about Climate is in order.  They Continue Reading

Churches need to bring to the fore the grassroots faith-based Climate message

A study on right wing “studies” article offers this depiction of “the arguments” the Right has vs Climate Change.  Seems accurate. three basic messages: (1) Climate change isn’t happening. (2) If climate change were happening, that would still be OK, because climate change is good for you. (3) Even if climate change were happening and it was bad, the solution Continue Reading

The stakes are higher than simply dismissing the folks with their “heads in the sand”

Denial of science is MUCH MORE DESTRUCTIVE today than when the Church in the Middle Ages denied the science of Copernicus. It was an easy matter and of no real consequence for the life of the inhabitants of the planet that so many Christians fell in line with the old world view, “because the Bible.” Now, things are different. Ignoring Continue Reading

King, The “Inconvenient Hero”, and “The Ecological Thinker”

How often we forget (and ignore) what MLK did and said and wrote AFTER 1963, after “I have a Dream”…..He moved to link the various maladies of society to the larger problem of justice; to a “Cosmic bent toward justice”; to Vietnam and violence, to Economic justice (Poor People’s March, housng in Chicago, Memphis sanitation worker’s strike), and yes, even Continue Reading

Mentioning Climate and then moving on; the usual habit

“NBC could have asked Democratic candidates 1,000 smarter questions on climate change than this.” And yet, as I look at the article expecting some examples of the 1000, scarcely little more time was spent in the article on this quesiton than NBC gave it.* (See update on this below)  I think we have a real problem talking about this, Continue Reading