The Task Ahead Has Just Gotten Much Harder

In September of 2014, while reading Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate”, I crossed into a life-changing re-focusing of my vocation of trying to help the Church be the Church and provide Communication and Online Community tools, to sharpening and focusing those tools on the task we face in a Climate Crisis. Now, just over two years Continue Reading

Trump is now a required dogma/litmus test for some

It seems that even many of those Republicans who didn’t vote for him are largely inclined to be disengaged from all this; even opposing the value of the Women’s march in the first place. As if “protest” itself is just a tool of the “liberal” or “radical” (whatever either of those titles entail for them). Seems they even defend Trump Continue Reading

Deep Economy is Deep Theology This is one book that I consider to be really important for the church. These models set forth in this book show how communities (“Cities set on a hill, in theological parlance) need to be working , as much as possible, toward self-sufficiency, to stem the tide of massive transportation of goods from far away places. I just noticed Continue Reading

More omission of Eco-concerns in Progressive concerns over Trump

(This one hurts. It’s hard, because I am a HUGE Michael Moore fan.  But I have much reason to hope here.) Here’s a post by Michael Moore,  and it raises , once again,  a deep concern I have Michael Moore Just Told Trump The Top 6 Reasons Why He’s An “Illegitimate” President I have to say, something here disturbs and Continue Reading

The Confessing Church that comes out of a Reformation focusing on Ecological Life

A while back I had written about how there needs to be a “Confessing Church” movement centered on the Climate Crisis. The election of Donald Trump has not only accentuated that need, but it adds a whole slew of additional pleas to people in the Church to have the guts and the consciousness to stand up and reject the capitulation Continue Reading