On “Alarmism”

One of the most frequent push-backs I get from Christians is that I need to be more “positive and hopeful”; to suggest more things that individuals can do. ( I got this from a denominational news person when I was suggesting that they cover an upcoming local Earth Care conference hosted by a large church of their denomination. They implied Continue Reading

Whom and What we “have seen”; the dilemma of the demand of the future/now

A huge problem is that we have a large amount of energy being required from existing ecologically sensitive and aware people who are finding themselves pulled toward protecting and supporting their brothers and sisters, “who they HAVE SEEN”* (see note below)   . The result of this is that we expend all this energy for this “fake crisis” (I call Continue Reading

Do what it takes

I take issue with one thing in this quote: “Agree with Ocasio-Cortez’s solutions or not, it’s to her credit that, in such a short time, she has helped change the terms of the debate. “Radicalism pushes the bonds of what liberals will jump on board with,” Saikat Chakrabarti, the representative’s chief of staff, said. “Every major social movement has worked Continue Reading

The danger of placing too much hope in “Geo-engineering”

Wallace-Wells follows that notion I just “cautioned” about, with another not so helpful notion: “We found a way to engineer devastation, and we can find a way to engineer our way out of it—or, rather, engineer our way toward a degraded muddle, but one that nevertheless extends forward the promise of new generations finding their own way forward, perhaps toward Continue Reading

“in two generations, the entire story of human civilization”

This guy writes very well. And sees very well. And processes very well. “climate change is .. an “existential crisis”—a drama we are now haphazardly improvising between two hellish poles, in which our best-case outcome is death and suffering at the scale of twenty-five Holocausts, and the worst-case outcome puts us on the brink of extinction. Rhetoric often fails us Continue Reading