Packard , the People’s Bishop by Chris Hedges #occupychurch

Chris Hedges spoke to Episcopal Bishop George Packard,  who says in a restaraunt overlooking Zucotti Park:  “The spirit is calling us now into the streets, calling us to reject the old institutional orders. ” This is the kind of Pentecost that I see coming.  And it reminds me of the warning in Revelation:  “Because you are lukewarm,  I am about to spit Continue Reading

The Occupy Toolkit via The Lambs War Blog @michabales #OccupyDC #OccupyChurch

From “The Lamb’s War” blog of Micah Bales: One unique way that Occupy Church is participating in the American Spring is through the development of a theological basis for this movement. When I read this line in Micah’s post from yesterday,  my heart sung.   Yes! A theological basis for this movement. It is the hope I intend to help further and enable Continue Reading

@Vanderbilt Historian: #OWS movement right on time in new Gilded Age

All of the interview with Vanderbilt history prof Gary Gerstle from which a clip was used in a VUCast (Vandy’s YOuTube News Channel)  is available here:! He says “second gilded age” began under Reagan.  But only now has there been much of an outcry that could be identified,  until OWS.

The elusive “message” is an easy slam when you don’t listen

I just read the follwing line in an article about Occupy: “A lot of people who came into the camp with the preconceived notion that ‘these people don’t have a message’ came by our booth and were surprised by the level of discourse there.” As I continued to hear the critiques of Occupy Wall Street that “they don’t have a clear Continue Reading

Theology of Occupy: clergy discuss role of the church in #OWS #occupyChurch

This panel represents what ,  for me,  ought be happening around the country.   These clergy are in the NY area,  and so it may well be even more obvious to them,  as their parishioners may well be seeing the encampments every day,  or often.  For us in less urban settings,  we are nonetheless citizensof this country,  and even more Continue Reading

Wesley, Economic Justice, and the #OWS movement @GBCS @UMC @Sojourners

Quote from Jim Winkler,  General Secretary of UMC’s Global Board of Church and Society: “In our United Methodist Social Principles, we claim all economic systems are under the judgment of God. We believe corporations are responsible not only to their stockholders but to their other stakeholders.” Winkler believes that if alive, John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, would at Continue Reading

Concrete Example of ‘Occupy’ Ideals #OWS #OccupyTheology #LaurenPond

Thank you Lauren,  for putting into writing what is obvious to anyone who observes and listens (and read on after the quote.  I’m not being sarcastic.  It is something conveniently ignored by press seeking quick bites and political rancor) Much of the criticism directed at the Occupy Movement has focused on protesters’ lack of clear objectives. However, as I’ve witnessed Continue Reading

For @MicahBales (and me),”Time to Occupy the Church”

It is something that should cause those of us who consider ourselves to be “in the church” to be simultaneously embarassed and hopeful.  Embarassed because it seems to many of us that the church should be have been conscious and mobilized about these issues long ago (it’s been in motion for 30 years,  and I was,  of all places,  in Continue Reading

@DavidRHenson on Hinduism & his Christian Faith via @zoecarnate #OWS #occupyfaith

Really good article here from David Henson (via Mike Morell) on encounter with other religious faiths.  and how this can have a renewing effect on one’s own faith.  I thought as I read the following line from a Hindu to a Christian who had begun a conversation with some thoujghts about “Hindu scripture”,  that this reply would not be received Continue Reading