48 yesterday

I turned 48 yesterday. We picked up some baseball pictures for Kelli at her game, which I have proudly displayed here. Mom and Dad took us out to Applebee’s (my choice)…..and then Brian and I watched the Reds Astros thriller of a game on MLB.TV, although we had to watch the replay because MLB.com considered the game to be in Continue Reading

another dottext trackback test from MT

in my dotText blog , back in the beginning of it (Nov. 2003), I was wondering why MT trackbacks weren’t being seen. I blogged a link to somebody on weblogs.asp.net , and the trackback worked there (on that dotText blog!). so here’s another try, since I’ve moved the blog to a subdomain dedicated to it at http://blogs.theoblogical.org/blog. The post , Continue Reading

A new definition of “hacking”

A 13-year old was suspended for 3 days from school for trying a DOS command (built into the system) to send a 1-word message (consisting of “Hey!”) to all the computers on his school’s network. A Computer instructor at his school , Mrs. Sweeney, called it “hacking” and apprently convinced the principle that an example should be made. In a Continue Reading

What a year, 2003

I can hardly begin the blogging of 2003. It seems so intimidating. There were scary times when I went through a second prostate biopsy in 18 months (in March , after the one in September 2001), disapppointments , like not landing a job I thought I might be getting, and then continued to draw blanks in the search for work. Continue Reading

SBC further separates itself from the Body

In a couple of posts today on Theoblogical.Net , I lament a futher sign of the SBC becoming an “island to itself” , moving further from its heyday as a community of diversity. Of course, as the posts suggests, this (“diversity”) is anathema to them, and precisely what they can’t seem to handle, and taking further steps every year to Continue Reading

WIRED is late again!

Last month, the issue did not arrive until the 17th, about 10 days late. It looks like the January issue won’t be here until at least that late. It’s not even up on the Website yet, whichstill shows the Phillip K. Dick/December issue. I was wondering whatmight be going on.