Upstreaming Out the Wazoo

Radio needs an upstreaming manager application.  Checkboxes to designate what files are eligible/ineligible ,  and checkboxes for entire categories and stories.  Most of the time, I just want the home page  and its permalink file to update.  Isn’t there a way also to set the “big uploads” on a timer,  and have it upload more than 25, so I don’t have to be there to keep goosing it over and over?  This gets real old….. It woulb be nice to be able to check a box that would , in effect,  set an upstream file with the “NO” option to a category or directory,  so that these files would not be required to be uploaded until I ,  say,  added a file to that section,  in which case it would bypass or turn off the “NO” and upload the new stuff,  then turn back off.


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