NYTimes Select Closes the Door on Popular Op-Eds

I just noticed today that I can no longer access certain NYTImes stuff.  I was accustomed to the “login” required.  I have had a free NYTImes online account for quite some time.  Many bloggers link to NYTImes articles.  Many now are saying they will no longer do so.  Like many of them, I’m not sure at all that this will be of benefit to the Times.  $50,  even for a year,  seems steep.  I’m sure they’ll get some takers.  Some people just gotta have their NYTImes.  I like some of the stuff from Krugman, Dowd, and Rich.  I’m not so sure that they won’t lose more than they gain from the subs they do get for SELECT.  There’s such a thing as “link power” and exposure (I became aware of Krugman, Dowd,  and Rich because of being pointed to their stuff by bloggers.  Come to think of it,  I’ve seen quite a bit less from them lately,  and that probably started when the bloggers who used to link to their articles quit doing so,  before I had noticed this new “subscription walling off”.

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