One Bookshelf Down, One more to Go

OK, the hotspots are all the way down on the leftside bookshelf. The right side and the various little “satellite stacks” will come later. I was just thinking how this might even be a good way to catalogue/photograph what I have in the house in case of something unforseen such as a house fire. I thought of that last night (possibility of fire) when we discovered that our outside heat/cool unit was not shutting off when the AC/Heat blowers had turned off……I had begun checking everything when we notiiced our electric bill shooting up to double of that last month (it hasn’t been much colder in December….some , but not much) so we were suspicious. It was also about 75% higher than last year in December, even though this year has been far milder than last. So it was running last night, and I was unsure about removing the big pull fuse from the box; unsure of how to properly shut things off. I figured this had been going on for a couple of weeks, so I figured one more night wasn’t going to start a fire or anything. The heat/AC guy showed up this morning and sho’ nuff, it was a “Contact” that had kind of melted together, that had kept the circuit connected when it was supposed to be OFF. THat set us back about $180, but I was afraid it might have been worse.

Anyway, I was about to say something about the Elizabeth O’Connor books. Next post.


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