The “anti-establishment” play of Steve Bannon

“Although his audience may not have gotten the reference, he was saying that he and the Tea Party are revolutionaries who want to bring down the system. ” (from an article on Steve Bannon by Peter Sinclair of the site “Climate Denial Crock of the Week”

I chuckle a bemused chuckle when I hear such things comng from the likes of the Far Right. The Tea Party, goaded on by Bannon, actually leverage a powerful notion that works, but in their case, it is completely Orwellian, since in doing so, they are actually oblivious to the fact that what they are signing up for is a complete acquiescence to the system. They actually believe that “the system” is represented by what they have been crying about over just the past 8 years! The real “system” runs much deeper. What they are now hailing as a movement of “the people” is propaganda from deep within the walls of oligarchy that poses as “People Power” , meant to be their opiate as their livelihoods and well-being are slowly drained away from them and filtered to the top 1%. They are, just as Thomas Frank identified in “What’s the Matter With Kansas”, voting against their own best interests. They do the same with their totally mallable theology, which shifts according to the tides of populist theological charlatans, drunk with the notion of political power.

More thoughts from the article that elicit a response from me:

“Our beloved country is an addict,” Bannon says, led by the “pushers on Wall Street.” Then he holds up a copy of The New York Times which he calls the paper “of the liberal elite,” while he describes The New York Post as the paper of the people. The Tea Party, Bannon says, are the people who fight our wars, pay our taxes, work in civic organizations—“the beating heart of the greatest nation on earth.” (from the same Bannon article referenced in previous)

But then Trump signs directive aimed at decapitating Dodd-Frank and “also signed a memorandum that paves the way for reversing a policy, known as the fiduciary rule, that requires brokers to act in a client’s best interest, rather than seek the highest profits for themselves, when providing retirement advice.”

All of which renders Bannon’s anti-wall street rhetoric into BS. Whipping up “power to the people” then turning around and screwing them. He’s a monster. He IS a lot like the GOP, as much as he villianizes the “establishment”. He’s a hypocrite cut from the very same cloth.



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