The century of Fossil Fuel’s squelching and suppressing advancements in EV tech

My Volt hasn’t shown ANY signs of losing it’s longevity or charging retention. And what I would also say to those who say “No to EVs because the batteries are too undependable and require too much environmentally questionable practices”, is that those are drawbacks and lessen the ecological improvement of EVs over the internal combustion engine, but we have put Continue Reading

Example of “take away our freedom/ruin our economy” nonsense of the Right. Covid and Climate are two peas in a pod for them.

“both religions seek to undermine America, her economy, Constitution, and way of life, taking liberty and freedom away from Americans, replaced with a top-down command and control government dictating our every behavior. Globalism is the goal, a great reset, or a one-world government, controlled by the self-appointed elites who rule over the masses. This is hardly the message taught by Continue Reading

All of the comedic Facebook jokes happening, and as I watch the above, and laugh (cuz Colbert is funny)….I also cringe a little when I see how some of the “blame” for the sociopathic “enflaming” going on is a matter of “the world” expressing itself “writ large” by the microscope and archiving of this human garbage spewing. Do we take Continue Reading