For @MicahBales (and me),”Time to Occupy the Church”

It is something that should cause those of us who consider ourselves to be “in the church” to be simultaneously embarassed and hopeful.  Embarassed because it seems to many of us that the church should be have been conscious and mobilized about these issues long ago (it’s been in motion for 30 years,  and I was,  of all places,  in Continue Reading

@DavidRHenson on Hinduism & his Christian Faith via @zoecarnate #OWS #occupyfaith

Really good article here from David Henson (via Mike Morell) on encounter with other religious faiths.  and how this can have a renewing effect on one’s own faith.  I thought as I read the following line from a Hindu to a Christian who had begun a conversation with some thoujghts about “Hindu scripture”,  that this reply would not be received Continue Reading