Occupy Boston &the Christian Left via TheBostonOccupier HT @zoecarnate #OWS

It’s a bit frustrating to see that we’re talking about “sympathetic churches” (neccessary because of the Right wing church whose bullhorn is so loud that many other more moderate churches also absorb the “anti-protest”, status-quo defending posture of the America-loving Christian) rather than asking where the churches have been all along as this economic tipping of the scales has been Continue Reading

Oil Companies #Shame #OWS #GasPrices

NBC News led Tuesday night with a story on gas prices going up,  during a time when the economy is trying to recover.  And I ,  like I have been for a few years now,  and especially since the economic crisis hit,  why are oil companies allowed to brag about “record profits” while they seem unwilling to “share the load” Continue Reading