Youth activism/recognition elicits more denier memes

One commenter offers this (…/…/2481349808573026…) :

“Try looking at the solar cycle to find the answer. “

Michael E. Mann did. He was expecting it to be a big factor in explaining things. He found the opposite. You would know this if you read the actual science, instead of being “brainwashed by this lie” that is the lie fed to you by the people who cannot fathom how humans might have gotten this all wrong, and are captivated by the idea that this is all OK and our right to enjoy (“enjoyment” which is going to get more and more elusive, especially if people continue to deny that it is happening)

They then add this: “However in this case Your scientists are being dishonest.”

Hmmmm……let’s see……YOU, or the world’s scientists? Who should I believe? Climate Scientists— who spend their lives actually measuring, researching, and observing, repeatedly, and in multiple ways, the way the earth’s ecosystems work, and then share all their findings — or YOU?


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