Public’s “right to know” about the Eco-Crisis

So, if the scandal of the pedophile priests and the cover up attempts by the Catholic Church, was enough to instigate a full fledged, headliner investigative unit like “Spotlight” to break this news, and then have it subsequently picked up by papers and media outlets across the country, was apparently “enough” of a story to do so, and be heard, then why is it that the Ecological Crisis is not of AT LEAST the same amount of attention and emergency?

My sense is that with the pedophile priests scandal, nothing was really “to be done” on a massive , public, political, and economic scale, as we have when we face the Ecological Crisis. There is “pushback” and denial because something demanding and life-changing is being demanded of us. (Much like the Covid Crisis and “pushback” arising from mass movements and denial that we actually need to change our lives and habits. We did not, have not, to a large extent, and many lives have been lost that could have been saved, all because we are stubborn and selfish, unwilling to accept any “intrusion” into our little conveniences that we have elevated to the level of idols. This goes double, triple, exponentially so for the Ecological Crisis. We deny that such “drastic” measures are required, and so we construct an alternate reality that tells us we are “doing well” and are “being responsible”.

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