‘We Are All Trump’ as we feed into the ecological devastation

I offered up this comment on this insightful and well-written blog post by Chris Kratzer:

Thank you for this, Chris. Very well said. I would offer up this “verse” to your “we are Trump” litany:

Every time we participate in our civilization’s devastation of the earth in the course of living in this out of control ecological ticking time bomb, and shove aside the knowledge that this is unsustainable because “what else can we do?”, and deeper down, we don’t want to do what it will take to live through a tough transition to energy production, food production, and product production that properly appreciates the limits (and capacities) of our ecological reality, we are Trump.

I would also suggest that it might even be the most important recognition that we could make, given that it is the only one with an expiration date. Not that all the other items in your list aren’t urgent. I believe they certainly are. And the sooner the better, certainly, on all of them. But if we don’t realize the ecological realities as a crisis that requires much more than we’ve EVER given as a human species, then we won’t have time to do ANY of it because of the chaos of simply fighting to survive, if we can at all.


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