“to work at this work alone is to fail”

“We need to help each other. Consumer-based approaches and “simple things” lists tend to reinforce our sense that the only sphere in which we can act is our own little private lives, and that isolates us. But the isolation we all sometimes feel in the face of the magnitude of the problems is itself a major part of the problem. None of us can change the world single-handedly: as Wendell Berry says, “to work at this work alone is to fail.” We need to organize, mobilize, join together, act in concert. We need to seek out our allies and get their backs when they need us. That happens through applied effort, not impulse buying.” https://buff.ly/3JpOqbz

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Developer and researcher of all things social tech, with particular focus on helping church orgs leverage all the best tools and think about Social Graph data

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