Exxon touts “50 billion dollar investment in U.S. Economy” (Again)

Interesting. Exxon “Investing” 50 billion in the U.S. economy also could include the sowing of ecological instability , the extent of which likely surpasses that of any other single corporate collective. This instability will have disastrous effects upon the economies of not only the United States, but that of the entire globe. Thanks, Exxon!

I also noticed that the below was over a year ago. Exxon just did a “re-run” on thier Social Media posts from last year’s SOTU on Facebook. I tried tp retrieve it after trying to delete it and start over as an OP with a link rather than “sharing” it. I didn’t want to help give their Social Media numbers any kind of “boost” from that. But I cannot seem to find the original Facebook spam they just sent out to everyone.


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