Churches failing to help us process Eco-crisis

Finished David Wallace-Wells’ book “The Uninhabitable Earth”. It’s something everyone should read, if only to get exposed to the myriad of interlocking problems we face, and the problem of our avoiding the problem. Wallace-Wells does this quite well, although I found myself disagreeing fairly strongly with a few of his comments (not many, but there were a few).
I do well know that there are also a myriad of ways to process what is happening, and knowing the best way to go about communicating it and processing it within ourselves. I am so frustrated with the churches, that they , by and large, are not known as places to “process”. Unfortunately, they are usually places to shove it out of our contemplation and habits of thinking, and laying on top of that a “theologically pious veneer” that “promises” things will be alright. That kind of stuff that leads to people saying “God will take care of the earth”. In Genesis 2:15, at Creation, God took the human in the garden “To till and to keep it”. It’s the very first command or given purpose for humanity. And somehow the churches see fit to just blow right by that.


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