modern narrative of race: Panopticon over community?

Anthony has posted a positively stunning appraisal of the “modern narrative of race” he notices as having grown up around and inside Christendom the church and postmodern culture: conversation: The Panopticon of Ecclesial White-ness: Taking Foucault to a Church divided When one studies the history of Christendom, especially during the 16th century, a modern narrative of race emerges. In particular, Continue Reading

Preaching the Gospel Truthfully

After seeing Eric’s link to Hauerwas’ talk on Bonhoeffer  last night, I went and watched it I took down some notes,  then realized that the talk was probably online somewhere (at least the article he wrote that he was reading from).  It was. It has some rather pointed things to say to the church, especially those that find themselves in Continue Reading