@jeffjarvis to Journos: Get off the F**ing pedestal and return to the streets

Tell it, Jeff!  A killer, more than 140 character quote:

I was on a panel back in the good ol’ days when we all still yammered on about “citizen journalists” and a newspaper person came the mic in tears — I swear — saying, “I’m a citizen, too.” Right, I said. So act like one. Citizens are involved in their communities, part of their communities, so they can understand and serve those communities. Journalists tried to separate themselves from their communities (and opinions) and that is much of the reason why journalists lost touch with how to serve them. It is time to get off the fucking pedestal and return to the streets. And the Washington Mall.

NPR: Love ya, but you’re wrong « BuzzMachine

This is a big reason I decided to bite the bullet and get off my duff and actually start DOING what I envision with abandon;  this obviously requires ACTION.  Funds are low,  but  I have to produce  some stuff to show what the  hell I’ve been talking about,  so it’s not just talk. So I’m  headin’ to DC.  I hope that SANITY is not  only restored  to public discourse,  but to a guy who has  been reeling under the disappointment I’ve felt toward the church in failing to help me exercise my gifts.  Here’s a start toward showing  them what they’ve been missing. 


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