Moyers on Faith and Reason

I just saw that this began this weekend (Friday).  I immediately began looking for the video archive,  which ,  to my relief,  I found here I can anticipate having a few more problems with Moyers’ approach than I have in the past,  having been exposed now ,  over the past year,  to various insights of Radical Orthodoxy (via Stanley Hauerwas, Continue Reading

The West Wing

I’m on my last batch of DVD’s from NetFlix , having re-watched in the past couple of years the first 6 seasons. I’m really sad to see it go. Much of that sadness is that there is precious little remaining on TV worth watching. Even the post-Sorkin West Wing episodes, widely reviewed as “not near as good” are nevertheless miles Continue Reading

Comments on the Book of Daniel

via AKMA here from Todd at Reverend Ref + What about specific issues? The first thing I noticed about the show was how much money was involved; from the Webster home to their neighborhood to the church to the building fund account. If anything, this is the poster-child show for the addage that money doesn’t solve your problems. fromJane at Continue Reading

TV: The Book of Daniel

2 NBC affiliates refuse to air controversial ‘Book of Daniel’; show said to mock Christ – (BP) Conservative groups including the American Family Association and Focus on the Family have urged supporters to contact their local NBC affiliates to protest the show, which stars a drug-addicted Episcopal priest who has a wife who downs mid-day martinis, a 23-year-old son who Continue Reading

The Corporation — Excellent program

After the plug by Kaz, I rented and just watched the Corporation (in two sittings— started it too late last night), tonight. Really excellent. LOts of video interview snippets from Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, and lots of other top minds on how corporations shape so much of government policy, and sell themselves so that they have the people Continue Reading

Part 2 of the NBC Series

the Black Hat-White Hat , glaring , “obvious” evil vs “believers” who all listen intently to all the “harvesting” of the “end times verses” (actually, I never believed, even when I was a pre-millineal, pre-Trib, rapture-spouting Christian, that Jesus was born again as a Baby at the end times.) THis is pretty much Omen meets Left Behind, with some of Continue Reading


Just watched an another great documentary DVD from Jeff Greenwald (who also did Outfoxed) This one was on the Iraqw War debacle of deception, and they had some great interviews (and more detailed ones in the DVD extras, including Joseph Wilson, who wrote the Politics of Truth, which I was just reading for a while before putting in the DVD, Continue Reading

Progress is Liberal?

Weblosky quotes a NYTimes article by Robert BoyntonWe’re going to be Outfoxed I was particularly amused (not really)by this : A large portion of the film’s $300,000 budget came in the form of contributions in the range of $80,000 from both MoveOn and the Center for American Progress, the liberal policy organization founded by John Podesta, the former chief of Continue Reading

Outfoxed a must see

I don’t have a good category for “Media Studies”. Janet and I watched the “OUtfoxed” DVD last night, and far from being a “left wing wacko conspiracy video” like the Right accuses it of being; I found it to simply be a revealing media study. As the Right usually does when its darker underside is shown for what it is, Continue Reading

The Practice is canned

The Practice will no longer be practicing. After the ouster of most of the cast (they only kept Eugene, Elanor, Jimmy, and Lucy from the old crew)…gone are Lindsey, Rebecca, Bobby, Helen…all the “big money people”. In came James Spader, and at first, I was amused by his character. After a bit, I grew tired of it. Apparently so did Continue Reading

Tivo, someday

I read Doc’s and Dave Winer’s entries on Tivo, and this spurred the following thoughts: I am a tech junkie. When I was a kid, I was messing with audio cassette recorders when they were new technology. I learned how to use patch cords and all kinds of adapters. I styudied the Radio Shack Catalog, and taped things. When Video Continue Reading