A Christian School’s Commitment to Free Enterprise?

Colorado Christian University president U.S. Sen. William Armstrong, R-Colo. has some telling things to say about the way so many nationalistic Christians are unable to identify how allegiances to systems may clash,  especially where it concerns American systems that have become so heretically synonymous with the Kingdom of God.  Armstrong fired Paquin from a position teaching global studies at the end Continue Reading

What’s the Difference?

 Re; my previous post,  and the posts from yesterday on this issue: comment by Chris Roberts Aug 11th, 2007 at 1:15 pm Before invoking the Confessing Church, it might be a good idea to study the “Barmen Declaration,” which was the founding document of the Confessing Church. It was mostly written by Karl Barth. There are many (not enough, but Continue Reading

Called to Be a ‘Confessing Church’ at inward/outward

This bears repeating,  from a post I reacted to yesterday:  From time to time in world history, the historical situation changes so that Christians – if they’re true to their faith – must respond to the particular evil manifesting itself by putting their entire lives on the line in opposition to the culture, much as Jesus did at Nazareth. Most Continue Reading

Instituting the Fundamental Break: Becoming the Change We Want To See

 This sermon from Hilfiker seems to describe what it means to BE the Church rather than to “be activists”;  or a redefinition of “activism”;  a “think[ing] differently about our responses to these Powers confronting us”. I suspect I’m not alone in feeling this despair, and I think I’m beginning to understand why some of us feel it.  Two years ago Continue Reading

Called to Be a ‘Confessing Church’ at inward/outward

 What a great post over at inward outward,  a blog offered up from The Church of the Saviour ,  and today it was Dr. David Hilfiker,   who left his medical practice in Minnesota and moved with his wife and children to the innercity of Washington DC to establish Christ House,  a ministry of the Church of the Saviour.  His post Continue Reading

On Journeying with those in Exile

 Dan with another fine theological post on the nature of freedom, salvation,  and gift. By linking freedom to choice, freedom moves from the theological to the anthropological — freedom, from this perspective, is simply part of who we already are, and who we always were, as humans. Dan challenges the idea that “freedom”, as defined by the usual, “freedom to Continue Reading

The Virtue of Justice

From an excellent paper Symposium where Hauerwas responds to two accusations of being “sectarian” , and squarely confronts the issue of how justice-qua-justice differs from justice as located in the church: the fact that I have doubts about the existence of any universal theory of justice does not mean that I think the church should avoid attempts to articulate concretely how this Continue Reading

We The People

 AKMA posted today on being irked at WH Spokesman Tony Fratto’s comment: “Every day this Congress gets a little more out of control”. AKMA recalls what he learned in grade school : in the U.S.A. the three branches of government function to limit one another’s powers. Congress being “out of control” is a good thing for U.S. democracy — I Continue Reading

Challenging the Great American Myth

 Charlie Pardue with an excellent post , responding to a YouTube entry from Mike Gravel about soldiers dying in vain in Iraq and Vietnam.  The candidates challenged that,  based solely on the fact that they’re doing their duty, obeying the commander in chief.  How shallow. The “commander in chief” has some sacred power to determine what is worthy to die Continue Reading

In(ter)dependence Day

 This post from Kayla over at inward-outward echoes the theme I was trying to articulate last night,  re: my July 4 question (even though the focus of my question was on the “reactions” that befit those of us in the church as we witness the human and environmental carnage of the 6 and a half years of Bush).  But INTERDEPEDENCE Continue Reading

Olbermann is Not Amused, But How to Complain?

I watched Countdown last Monday night,  knowing that the one guy on TV News who says what many feel needs to be said about Bush.  He’s talked to Joseph Wilson and others,  and they’re all saying “Bush considers himself above the law”.  (I know,  I said I wouldn’t say much more,  but this is what I hope will be their last Continue Reading

Jesus of the Cul-de-Sac, Sojourners Magazine/July 2007

A blog post from Adobe Contribute ……I noticed that Will Samson and his wife were interviewed in a Sojo artlcle about “the Burbs” Quoted from http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=magazine.article&issue=soj0707&article=070720: Jesus of the Cul-de-Sac, Sojourners Magazine/July 2007 None of these authors, however, has given up hope that Christians can live faithfully within the suburbs. All of them offer suggestions for ways to seek justice Continue Reading

Revisiting Evan Almighty

Last Saturday I posted about how I thought Evan Almighty was “fun”.  I stick to that.  I enjoyed it.  But that doesn’t mean I approved of it as a masterpiece,  or especially as a theological piece.  In that,  it had many problems of course,  as movies usually do that attempt to appeal to a “wide audience” and “derive” something “relevant” Continue Reading