Call to Collaboration and Moderation @chrisbrogan #smchurch #wiredchurch

Chris Brogan had a post this week talking about what he sees coming (and already happening)  in Social Media.  “Foldups”;  joining forces.  Pooling skills.  If I’m right (so far so good), I would recommend looking for who you could team up with to build a better social business. I’d look for the skills you lack, the capabilities you could stand Continue Reading

Be the Priest #smchurch #ChurchSocial @gavoweb

From Chris Brogan (via @gavoweb),  re: building movements that inspire and instill belonging.  Yet another “DUH” moment for the church,  which simply must be “Listening” to what people are saying and expressing. Webber and Taylor didn’t launch Fast Company by making a platform that praised them. I didn’t launch PodCamp to be at its core. Instead, these kinds of movements Continue Reading

CNN does “novelty” piece on Online Church #churchonline #SMChurch

I have to wonder if there is anything lost in translation?  Or ,  HOW MUCH is being lost (I think quite a bit gets lost,  and I also think there are SOME interesting EXTENSIONS/add-ons  to be found as well.  )  But this CNN piece (2 minutes and 44 seconds is in no way a “treatment”…it is a ,  like I Continue Reading

#YouVersion, Church Online, SM Worship, #SMChurch?

The advent of YouVersion (no pun intended on the use of “advent”) has always ,  since first hearing of it and hearing users talk about it,  raised some interesting Sociological/Ecclesial questions for me. It’s very similar to what I was thinking about when the Web and before that,  Computer Mediated Communications,  first hit.  It was thinking about what online communications Continue Reading

Time to Get Serious about Social Media video with #chrisbrogan #SMChurch

from RT @wiselywoven: video feat. @chrisbrogan : Time to Get Serious about Social Media [via @WebProNews] – Up to this point, the use of social networks has been sloppy. However, Brogan believes that now is the time to use these tools to get the message to the right people. He says: “It’s time to get over being a tourist. Continue Reading

Rheingold on Learning From Each Other #ChurchSocial #virtualcommunity

Here is a lesson not only for companies but for churches and their umbrella organizations That, to me, is the most important meaning of the "social" in "social media" — that we are not just amplifying our minds and showing off for each other, we are learning and organizing, creating, innovating, building, liberating together. Global Neighbourhoods: SM Global Report: Howard Continue Reading

#YouVersion : a model and a springboard #churchsocial #theoblogical

This looks like an amazing app.  It does a lot of intelligent social networking stuff.  The Bible part is also interesting.  It makes me wonder how it might also be expanded to venture into other books (via things like Library Thing or similar apps that seek to create communities around book readers. It’s also interesting that such things arise not Continue Reading

Shel Israel on Howard Rheingold #ChurchSocial #VirtualCommunity

In case I didn’t make it abundantly clear yesterday,  anyone with Sociological curiosity about Social Networking simply MUST include Howard Rheingold in their research and reading.  Here’s Shel Israel,  giving a testimony to his own indebtedness to Rheingold which is very similar to what I would say about my own exploration of such things over the past 19 years. He’s Continue Reading

The Call to #ChurchSocial…..does it work?

I have taken to hashtagging my tweets having to do with the Church and Social Media with #churchsocial.  While this may conjure up images of Ice Cream Socials or the Lady’s Tea Guild,  or even the Church lady,  I was aiming for a quick identifiable tag to mark off a “room” for tweets about or of interest to people in Continue Reading

Podcast with Chris Brogan (Scripting News) #ChurchSocial @davewiner @chrisbrogan

This was an absolutely fascinating conversation for me,  between two guys who are really into this Social Media world of apps and hosts: Dave Winer and Chris Brogan.  Dave Winer is often described as the Father of RSS.  Chris Brogan is out there talking about Trust Agents (a book that came out a couple months ago,  and to which I Continue Reading

#ChurchSocial- the beginnings of a mission statement

I blogged on Tuesday about how Church related Social Networking should be somewhat distinct from Social Networking in general.  I feel I need to clarify that a bit.  The article I linked to in that post was from an a group called fellowship technologies.  They specialize in helping churches.  I responded to the content on the page to which I Continue Reading