Leveraging the Power of the Theological Community #wiredchurch #smchurch @semanticwill @human3rror

I saw this tweet on my twitter stream this morning: From my buddy @brynn "“Social” can’t be solved by an algorithm" much respect http://bit.ly/5Jj71X #SxD link:  http://twitter.com/semanticwill/statuses/7904723615 And it caught my eye,  since it seemed to be a promising post on what I have been feeling is a crucial piece of what services like Twitter can make available to us:  Continue Reading

Google Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search Results #wiredchurch #smchurch via @AJSchlei

Interesting retweet by Andrew Schleicher of a tweet by @sengineland The short story is this. By watching what you click on in search results, Google can learn that you favor particular sites. For example, if you often search and click on links from Amazon that appear in Google’s results, over time, Google learns that you really like Amazon. In reaction, Continue Reading