Yaconelli Dies

I just read (via Blogs4God) that Mike Yaconelli, one of my favorite all-time writers (via the Wittenburg Door in its Youth Sepcialties days), died at 61 in an auto accident. His “Back Door” column was always one of my favorites (usually the one I read first). I also read a book of his , “Tough Faith” and often quoted from Continue Reading

20th Wedding Anniversary

20 years ago today, also the year I began my first fulltime Youth Ministry job,  Janet and I got married in Cincinnati and she came to live with me in Keokuk, Iowa.  That was the beginning of what was to be a short-lived Youth Ministry career,  since it seems that I was destined to be involved in electronic communications as Continue Reading

Trip to to see an old friend and Youth Leader

I’m taking a trip up to Mayfield, KY to visit my former Youth Minister tomorrow.  A lot of “formative” experiences from those days, 1970-75,  which included visiting Koinonia Farms and the leagacy of Clarence Jordan,  being exposed to the story of The Church of the Saviour in Washington , DC,  a great early 70’s honest to goodness coffeehouse (with blacklights Continue Reading

Clarence Jordan

Slactavist showed a link to The Koinonia Partners site, which has a 7 minute video on Clarence Jordan. I had written to show some mutuality concerning our veneration of Tony Campolo, who was/is also a favorite speaker/writer/person I visited Koinonia in the summer of 1974 with a small group from my high school youth group (our Youth minister had told Continue Reading

My immediate family,  me (46)

My immediate family,  me (46) wife Janet (42), son Brian (13), Daughter Kelli (4) (pictures to follow soon,  I have a good one of us from just this past Sunday) Parents: Dad: Ermon(70)  and Mom: Shirley (68) Brothers David (47) Mike (42) and Sister Jill (33) Janet and I have been married 19 years (June 11, 1983)

Looks like the link I

Looks like the link I had for United Theological Seminary on myWebsite has gone dead,  but I never wrote a piece on United or its role,  even though it had an enormous influence on the direction my calling was to take.   The story is here